Tribute to Farida Ayari


It was with immense sadness that we learned of the passing of our sister journalist and former Vice President of the North Africa Foreign Correspondents Club, (NAFCC).  Farida’s talent and energy fuelled a career that spanned some 40 years; she is remembered for her rigorous professionalism, for being an intransigent free spirit and having a wonderful sense of humour.  Until the end she embodied a specific idea of journalism, fiercely independent and and one who eschewed plaudits and honours.

Farida Ayari pursued her passion for the profession and also for adventure in the service of the Jean François Bizot’s magazine programme for Radio France Internationale (RFI) and also for the print magazines Jeune Afrique or Enjeux Africains. Her career followed the major stories across the the African continent from north to south, Africa’s wars and revolutions that created many great memories for Farida such as her meeting with Nelson Mandela, covering the beginning of the Algerian civil war.  She also covered major events across the middle east including the Iraeli-Palestinian crisis and the American invasion of Iraq.  Farida carried out a mission at the beginning of 2010 in Afghanistan for UNICEF. Upon her return to tunisia after the revolution of 2011 she contributed to the transitional political process by training young journalists from pubic radio stations based in the regions  of Kasserine, Gafsa and Tataouine.  Farida adored arts and culture in particular she was passionate about cinema and jazz music she tried to ensure it’s radiance in Tunisian.

Farida Ayari leaves a lasting impression of the complete journalist, a woman filled with curiosity and a desire to see all the angles.  The news of her death left members of the NAFCC with feelings of pain and profound grief.  The loss of Farida from the community of journalists in Tunisia seems irreparable and for those members of the public who were interested in the evolution of african nations.

The NAFCC would like to send their sincere and heartfelt condolences to Farida’s family. The course of Farida’s career will continue to be a shining example of great journalism and source of inspiration.