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New board

Posted on December 14, 2017

Minutes of the General Assembly of December 8, 2017

The General Assembly of NAFCC took place on 8 December 2017 to elect a new Bureau.

Were elected:

  • Caroline Perrot  17 votes, 1 abstention

  • Javier Martin 17 votes, 1 abstention

  • Martin Gehlen 17 votes, 1 abstention

  • Simon Kremer  17 votes, 1 abstention

  • Maryline Dumas  17 votes, 1 abstention

  • Aleksei Merkulov  17 votes, 1 abstention

  • Frederic Bobin 17 votes, 1 abstention

The Bureau then proceeded of the election of :
– Frédéric Bobin, Président
– Maryline Dumas, Vice-Présidente
– Aleksei Merkulov, Secretary General
– Simon Kremer, Treasurer

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General Assembly

Posted on January 5, 2017

The General Assembly of the NAFCC took place on January 28th 2016.

List of members who attended: Frédéric Bobin, Carlotta Gall, Sandro Luytens, Justine Fontaine, Maryline Dumas Aleksey Merkulov, Jihane Bergaoui, Sarah Mersch, Sarah Souli.

The GA elected the new board: Frédéric Bobin, Maryline Dumas, Sarah Souli, Carlotta Gall.

Then the board elected Frédéric Bobin, as President; Maryline Dumas, as Vice-president; Sarah Souli, as General Secretary; Carlotta Gall, as Treasurer.


The new NAFCC board

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