Highlights of NAFCC journalistic work

April 2016

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Annette Steinich: Bierbrauer und Weinbauern in KaterstimmungNeue Zurcher Zeitung, April 3, 2016:

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February-March 2016

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Conor McCormick-Cavanagh: A love letter to my father: The gift of reading for Tunisia’s prisonersMiddle East Eye, March 24, 2016:

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““Books to Prisons,” which aims to bring as many different types of books as possible to different prisons throughout Tunisia, is the brain-child of Ben Mhenni, the writer of the renowned blog “A Tunisian Girl,” and her father Sadok. The goal is to both counter the radicalisation of inmates and to provide some enjoyment to prisoners stuck behind bars. Since the project’s launch on 11 February, Ben Mhenni has been travelling to different cultural centres, libraries and schools to present her new charity drive. Her goal is to collect 15,000 books from around the country in order to deliver them to prisons throughout Tunisia. ”

December 2015 2016

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Nancy Porsia: ‘Islamic State’ holds Libyan town in grip of terrorDeutsche Welle, December 18, 2015:


“A dim light bulb breaks the darkness of the night as the man, eyes downcast and frantically scratching his head, sits down on a makeshift stool of bricks outside his new house. Here in Misrata he and his family found shelter after his son was killed by “Islamic State” fighters in his hometown of Sirte. “He was only 22 years old,” the man says, declining to disclose further information about his son or his family, fearing retaliation against relatives left in the city. “We were prevented by the fighters from holding a funeral in Sirte, so here we are …”"